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About Pure Star Management



Adapt your skills with your free time, It s possible!
Are you ready to become a STAR? A PURE STAR?


You have or think you think, that you have a voice? Let’s try to sing. You like to move on your favourite music’s rhythms? Dance with us! The image of yours has never left anybody insensitive? Let’s value it as model or photo model immediately! Or maybe you are looking for an international DJ’s management? We can spread your talent! Still not your thing? Then can it be that you are a virtuoso and play the musical instrument or have very special abilities of acrobatics or performer? We’re the first step for your international recognition.

If you have a talent, join us right now! PURE STAR MANAGEMENT group is definitely a place to be!

Ready, steady, go! Or what is it actually, that we do here? 
PURE STAR MANAGEMENT is mainly specialising in models and dancers management. Whereas also, the group works a lot with singers, djs and photomodels. In general, we are looking for gifted and skilled person,- TALENT! And we are ready to provide all possible opportunities and time to make him or her prosper.

We’ve started back in 2005 in Vilnius as a “Pure Star Agency”. A few interesting and succesfull years of hard work in Europe with best clubs and venues, has made our agency a symbol of profesionality and pure beauty all around the old continent. As we grew bigger and better, in 2010 Pure Star Agency started to expand in EUROPE and USA markets. Therefor the agency was reorganized and became PURE STAR MANAGEMENT as you know it today.

Our mission, vision and idea is pretty simple, yet ambitious: to become a number one Talent‘s management group in the world. And yes, we are getting there! At the moment PURE STAR MANAGEMENT covers offices in Vilnius, Paris and Las Vegas. Many others are on our tablets, including Poland, Slovakia and Hong Kong.

“Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you…”- long story short, who do we work with? And who could be your future employer?

During last 7 years PURE STAR MANAGEMENT had a possibility to perform in the best global clubs. To name a few: “VIP ROOM St. Tropez”, “Baoli”, “Palais” Gotha in Cannes, “Olivia Valere” in Marbella, “Life Club” & the “MICS Club” in Monaco, “VIP ROOM”, “Queen”, “L’Arc” & “Matignon”, “DTMB” in Paris”, “Carre” & “Diedjies” in Belgium. We were the first agency allowed to cast dancers for “Amnesia” in Ibiza. Where as also our talents have worked for “Pacha” & “El Lio” in the world’s capital of the parties.

PURE STAR MANAGEMENT produces and organizes several event concepts. We work with GOTHA, FASHION TV, CLUB MEMBERS, RUSSIAN KISS, OPIUM, MATRESKA, FASHION FREAKY, So Happy in Paris with Michael Canitrot, Jean Roch Live performances, etc. “Pure Star management” has presented and managed them in venues like “Rai club” in Moscow, “Bar Rouge” in Shanghai & “Dragon L” in Hong Kong, “Movida” in Dubai and others. Chek it out yourself.

It’s really takes a lot of time and space to name them all, but you can find a full list of our partners and friends here. Furthermore, PURE STAR MANAGEMENT is really proud to host events during “CANNES FILM FESTIVAL” every year, starting from 2006. You can always find newest photos from latest events in our gallery. 

Does it get any better? Oh yes! Our talents have performed together with various artists from all over the world: David Guetta, P. Diddy, Ne – Yo, Chris Brown, Paris Hilton, Ciara, Pitbul, Usher, Snoop Dog, Bob Sinclair, Akon, Swedish House Mafia, Joachim Garraud, Martin Sovleig, Pharrel Williams, Black Eyed Peas, Akon and many, many others. 

Despite from dancers, PURE STAR MANAGENT works alot with modelling agencies like „Metropolitan“ and „Madamoisele“ in Paris. We are very open to collaborate with all agencies sharing our values of the entertainment industry. Our best models have worked for such brands as „Cartier“, „Omega“, cosmetics giant „Garnier“ and luxurious french lingerie „Valege“. Here is what models talk about their succesfull work with us.

PURE STAR MANAGEMENT and our talents are serious, professional, positive, purely beautiful and always, always demanding for quality. And we are constantly stepping further.

Why don’t you step with us?

Take a step ahead! Develop your potential! The world is yours!