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Would you like to have best parties from the world’s most famous clubs on your dance floor? Amazing shows, best DJs and big spenders sound like a good idea?

“PURE STAR MANAGEMENT” – the best known talents management group in Europe. We are proud to offer you an opportunity to introduce your venue into the small and famous global top clubs list.

During 7 last years we have been entertainment provider for the best clubs all around the world: “VIP ROOM St. Tropez”, “Baoli”, “Palais” Gotha in Cannes, “Olivia Valere” in Marbella, “Life Club” & the “MICS Club” in Monaco, “VIP ROOM”, “Queen”, “L’Arc” & “Matignon”, “DTMB” in Paris”, “Carre” & “Diedjies” in Belgium, “Amnesia”, “Pacha, “El Lio” in Ibiza loads of others. Today we have our hands on the best party spots all over the world. And you can have a piece of each of them in your venue! What’s the trick? Get to know with CLUB MEMBERS party & CLUB MEMEBERS CARD concept.

More information contact us section Become Club Members.


  1. Top clubs from all over the world get together under one event name – CLUB MEMBERS.
  2. CLUB MEMBERS parties takes place in the best state clubs, once per month, 3 days in a row (Thursday-Friday-Saturday).
  3. Party name and party host changes every month accordingly:
  4. Brands and concepts that are represented by CLUB MEMBERS:

YOUR BENEFITS or what do we offer?

- Premium and international shows in your club for an exceptional reduced fee and no additional costs (and no headache). Ask us right now the conditions.

- Mundial VIP costumers and big spenders (in other words bills with more zeros at the end of the day).

- Your brand’s promotion all over Europe in all CLUB MEMBERS events.

- Highest class event management and service. All organization of the event from the flayers sketch, to the wristband on the door will be held by “PURE STAR MANAGEMENT” team (yes, we do have in mind promotion, communication, performances, costumes preparation and management also).

- Information of your weekly events on “PURE STAR MANAGEMENT” website and FB, CLUB MEMBERS section.

YOUR COMITMENTS or what do we expect from you?

- Provide access to your club during the afternoon of the day of the party. “PURE STAR MANAGEMENT” is planning to have castings of new talents, lasting between 2 – 4 hours.

- Acceptance of financial conditions (budgeting options will be adapted for each venue host.) Please address us for detailed options.

- Acceptance and support of special elements for the event. It may include details as extra VIP entrance/exit, special menus with magnum bottles listed, fire sticks to be served with bottles, etc. Exact list will be provided before every party in advance according to the event’s topic.


CLUB MEMBERS card is a new tool to party in the best clubs all over the planet in real VIP style. How does it work?

- The card is provided only for real VIPs and top spenders from all over the world;

- It has to be booked through website or directly via the top clubs listed above.

- The personal card gives free entrance to all the top world clubs named above as well as to your venue.

- Club Members card can offer temporary discount on the items of your choice. Card’s holder is constantly informed about them via sms or/ and email.

- It gives a card owner an opportunity to have free enctrance, free table booking and a 24/7 help from CLUB MEMBERS CALL CENTER.


It’s a new option, that will be created and managed by our agency especially for CLUB MEMBERS CARDS holders. Call center will provide help for all cards owners to have the best party and services around it, when he is having a night out in one of CLUB MEMBERS venues. What can call center help card holders with?

- It’s a 24/7 online support in “night out” issues.

- Table reservation in clubs or restaurants.

- Transportation proposals.

- Accommodation solution offers.

- Information about available discounts and special offers.

- Various global information about countries and services provided, where CLUB MEMBERS are located.

Join CLUB MEMBERS and TOP global clubs community today!

Make your club a world know party spot, enjoy best performances under your roof and welcome VIPs and top spenders in your place!

How do you do that?

It’s a quiet simple, drop us a message request right now for Club Member s eligibility. We will surely come back to you with all information.

Let s make the world know, how great your venue is!