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The Barcelonian Dj Eric Romano is well-known as one the most successful talents nowadays. He is considered to be a reference of Electronic Dance Music worldwide and one of the founders and pioneers of the Eclectic sound.   

His own productions have all made a great impact and are quickly gaining worldwide acclaim, making huge waves in the actual electronic club scene.

It's worth mentioning, that during his career Eric Romano has worked in the most prestigious record companies as "Universal", "Arcade Music", "Tempo Music", "Blanco y Negro", "USA Import", "Roton Music" and many others. He has also been sponsored by the famous electronic brand "Technics".

This prolific producer has headlined  the most prestigious festivals in the world, but one of the highlights in his career has been his Dj set at:

The ADE Festival (The Netherlands)

SONAR Festival (Spain)

Being one of the greatest examples of success, Eric Romano has the privilege to perform at some of the world’s biggest, best festivals, events, shows and clubs as:

  • Space 
  • Privilege 
  • Cafe Olé 
  • Catwalk 
  • Liquid Plaza (the U.S.A)
  • The O.C Club (the Netherlands),
  • Matter (London),
  • The Club (Bulgaria),
  • Studio 54 (Russia), 
  • Crash (Bulgaria), among many others.

This year Eric Romano has made great artistic achievements, but even a basic list of recent successes reads like a lifetime of work:


  • This prolific Dj & Producer has been contracted by one of the most important record labels "Roton" as one of its Top hit’s official remixer


  • Eric Romano is the headliner of the ADE Festival, one of the most important worldwide


  • Eric is interviewed as one of the featuring Djs at the ADE Festival,  Wethouse Showcase.


  • He is awarded with the prestigious “VICIOUS MUSIC AWARDS” 


  • Eric Romano is a honored head Judge of the jury and a star Dj at the highly publicized poll “Dj SPS 2012”, sponsored by “Jameson”.


  • Eric has recently signed contracts with the world's First-class, prestigious singers and labels for the next worldwide releases.


  • Eric is about hosting his new radio show “A Passion Beyond the Sound”, where he’ll present the biggest tunes of the moment, as well as providing an interactive way for fans to discover new music. 

Mixing seamlessly, Eric Romano employs his own sound, visual elements and multimedia art, as an inseparable part of his “live” proposal, making his DJ sets a unique experience. 

The professional future of this exceptional and featured artist is full of new projects and goals, that will provide him worldwide fame, taking him all over the globe. Are you ready? The story has just started!