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Kathrin Kulik


Kathrin Kulik – is young, talented singer, who makes every song that she sings a little miracle. She has participated in a lot of musical festivals, vocal contests, local events, bars and restaurants. “Music – is my passion. It is my soul”. Kathrin writes and arranges songs, write texts herself. “My music is like a bottomless feeling’s ocean, in which I want to immerse every listener”. The singer is not afraid to experiment and works in every genre. “There is no such genre I haven’t tried – starting from folklore, ending with Jazz”. My life credo is “I can”. I always require a lot from myself. I like to set high goals for myself and I single-mindedly move towards it”. “Passion. Power. Perfection” – it is a formula, which perfectly describes all my work on the stage. What goes from heart – reaches heart, so the aim is not to leave anyone indifferent. I want to awaken people feelings, fill their hearts with light and warmth.

Kathrin Kulik – is a combination of talent, charm and professionalism.