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Talent Stories > In the final of MODEL TURNED SUPERSTAR - Lithuanian Agnė Kazlauskaitė!  

In the final of MODEL TURNED SUPERSTAR - Lithuanian Agnė Kazlauskaitė!

1. Describe yourself in a few words?

I am an art-loving 20 year old girl from Siauliai. At the moment I study creative industries at Vilnius University. On my free time I paint, also, try to travel as much as I can and model. It’s a hard job to make all this work when you have just 24 hours in a day!

2. What’s your modelling experience?

After graduating from school, I took a gap year, which I used to travel and work. One of the most interesting modelling experiences I’ve had,- working with “BURBERRY” in Milan.

3. How did you end up at TV reality show MODEL TURNED SUPERSTAR in Thailand?

I have worked with PURE STAR MANAGEMNET agency this summer and they offered me to participate in this casting.

4. What was the situation from casting week in Thailand, that has left you with the strongest impression?

I was impressed how professional the whole project was. The filming team, sound operators, creative team,- everything was great! Surely I was impressed with Thailand’s nature, amazing food and tasks we had to accomplish.

5. Did you like the Thailand itself and why?

The casting week in Thailand has passed like one day! We had no time to be bored, there were always tasks to be accomplished, places in Phuket to see! We had to swim, dive, make pictures under the water. Nature in Thailand is amazing, it’s very green, lots of water. I’ve also truly enjoyed Thai kitchen, which is not too spicy. All is prepared very naturally, only from fresh products. People in Thailand use coconut milk everywhere, which gives additional sweetness and tenderness to every dish.

6. Which countries were your competitors from?

There were a lot of Russian, Polish, UK girls. We have even had a girl from Iceland.

7. Was it hard to get to the final?

Exercises were really not easy to accomplish. They demanded a lot of activness, modelling experience and creativity. I am glad, that I’ve managed to win 1st place at painting challenge. I was also pretty good in other tasks, basicly managed to stay in TOP 3 in allmost all of them. This helped me get some extra points.

8. How do you think, what helped you win? How different you were from other girls?

After  the casting week, we have counted, that I had the biggest amount of points from all tasks, but I think that wasn’t the only reason, which got me to the final. I am self-confident, have a good knowledge of English, so I was brave in front of cameras and communicating with producers.

9. What is you biggest plus?

It’s very difficult to talk about myself, but I could probably name my height as the biggest plus. It helps me feel confident, people notice me and it’s easy to be exceptional in a crowd of girls.

10. And what’s your biggest minus?

Probably don’t have one.  I always try to look at life in an optimistic way!

11. What scares you the most, when you think about upcomming final?

I don’t think a lot about it yet, but I’m sure everything will be fine. And I hope there won’t be conflicts with other girls.

12. What do you expect from the contest?

I hope to gain more experience, which will be useful in my modelling job in the future.  Working with cameras, acting, is a priceless experience, which I hope to get as much as possible.

13.  What would you do if you won a million dollars?

I think it’s already a huge win, that I got to the final of this contest. And about the winning, all I can say, I don’t like to spend the money which I haven’t earned yet.