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Talent Stories > MONIKA LUKAUSKAITE - in the final of TV reality show MODEL TURNED SUPER STAR!  


1. Describe yourself in a few words?

My name is Monika Lukauskaite from Kretinga. Currently I’m a 3rd year student of chemical engineering in Vilnius. I spend my free time doing sports, hanging out with my friends and actually, I recently got enroled in dancing classes ! When it gets cold out there, I spend winter nights cosily reading a good book :)

2. What’s your modelling experience?

I’ve started working as a model quitq recently, but I’m a model-dancer (it is an amazing mix for girls who look like models but want to dance as well!) for a very long time already. It’s my second year with Pure Star Management already.

3.   How did you end up at TV reality show MODEL TURNED SUPERSTAR in Thailand?

I’ve attended a party in St. Tropez with PSM girls. It turned out to be a secret casting for reality show “Model Tured Superstar”! I couldn’t tell you how exactly, but the creator or the show spotted me and later I was invited to attend the casting week in Thailand.

4. What was the situation from casting week in Thailand, that has left you with the strongest impression?

The whole trip was amazing, but probably riding elephants was the biggest fun. It’s not as easy as it looks ! J you have to maintain the contact with mahud (the master of elephant) and with the elephant itself. It’s very important, because the animal feels the kind of person you are. Probably my elephant felt that I was not the worst person he had met, so he allowed me to sit safely on his back J

5. Did you like the Thailand itself and why?

As I have mentioned before, this trip was a one big fun ! Of course, we got really tired, but amazing memories are more than worth it. There were a lot of possibilities to challenge yourself, and got to admit, I definitely have discovered some new hobbies J

6. Which countries were your competitors from?

There were a lot of girls from Russia, some Polish, and UK girls. We even had a girl from Iceland !  And of course – us Lithuaninas.

7. Was it hard to get to the final?

No, it wasn’t. Everything was very smooth.

8.   How do you think, what helped you win? How different you were from other girls?

I don’t think, I know that I was the strongest physicaly, and appears – talented J

9. What is you biggest plus?

As each and everyone of us, I have both – pluses and minuses. But let’s keep it a secret J

10. What scares you the most, when you think about upcomming final?

Victory! If seriously, I have nothing to be afraid of, as I’ve successfully passed casting and it shows my capability to win. As was anxcious about my skills of English, but now I feel more confident. One way or another it’s not my mother tongue language, plus, not like most of Americans, I know a few additional foreign languages.

11. What do you expect from the contest?

To see LA!

12. What would you do if you won a million dollars?

I’ll tell you after I get it.