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Talent Stories > PSM Top New Face Awards 2013 winner - GERDA.  

PSM Top New Face Awards 2013 winner - GERDA.

Describe yourself in a few words. Young, wild and free

How did you end up at PSM? I came to PSM after filling the form which I found in PSM agency website. After a few days I was invited to selection.

Which places have you visited with PSM? I was in France, St.Tropez this summer.

How and did your life change after you started working with an agency? When I started to work with PSM I understood that I want to travel a lot. After I came back from France, St.Tropez I went to Istanbul where I worked as a model. In very near future I see me traveling all around the world.

What makes you stand out from the crowd of girls? I am different then other girls,- not the typical one- that makes me stand out from the crowd of girls. A distinctive attribute of mine is charisma. Often I get a lot of compliments just because of that. Not every beautiful girl has charisma. In my opinion it‘s very important.

What you couldn’t live without? I can‘t imagine me without any goal and aspiration. This leads me forward.

What do you like /favor the most? Most of all I don‘t like two face people. It‘s better to have some weakness but to stay who you really are.

What’s your formula of happiness? To believe in yourself.