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Talent Stories > Dovile Sokaite and Vytaute Slajute Gotha tour trip to Asia!  

Dovile Sokaite and Vytaute Slajute Gotha tour trip to Asia!


Pure Star Management” was delighted to have produced an amazing and high quality shows bringing “GOTHA Cannes Club” atmosphere to Hong Kong and Shanghai clubs. On 10 19 our greatest dancers Vytaute Slajute and Dovile Sokaite with their outstanding performance fascinated the crowd of Hong Kong club “Dragon I”. On 20th of October talents amazed the audience of Shanghai nightclub "Bar Rouge".

Journey to Asia and back home was long, but definitely worthiness! Flights were very comfortable and during it our girls had the best service including the ability to watch movies and have tasty meals. After the flight they were given a warm welcome by locals and were invited to barbeque on the roof of the skyscraper, hosted by Gilbert, the owner of the Hong Kong nightclub “Dragon I”. The evening performance left a huge impression to staff and visitors who didn’t spare good compliments to Vytaute and Dovile for their show.

Next day “Pure Star Management” talents went to Shanghai where limo was waiting for them to take to luxurious restaurant for dinner with "Bar Rouge" manager and DJ Saha. The evening at club "Bar Rouge" was exquisite and unforgettable. Whole night was surrounded by magical “GOTHA Cannes Club” aura, which accompanied every party guest until the late hours.

During whole trip our talents had the best attendance by all nightclubs owners, their staff and locals, who made girls, feel very welcomed and homelike. Dovile and Vytaute stayed at deluxe apartments where they had all necessity they needed. After the trip our dancers was in amazingly good mood, already dreaming about going back to Asia as soon as possible.