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Talent Stories > PSM Top New Face Awards 2014 winner - AGNE  

PSM Top New Face Awards 2014 winner - AGNE

1. Describe yourself in a few words

I am a ginger hair dancer girl who loves dancing,
traveling, meeting with friends and I‘m crazy animals lover. Now I‘m studing at university dance pedagogy.

2.How did you get to PSM agency?

One person from PSM agency wrote me on Facebook and ask to visit office, to make some photos and to talk about jobs. So, now I am one of the PSM talents!

3.Which places have you seen working with PSM?

Paris, St. Tropez, Cannes, Monaco but I hope that soon i will see more new places.

4.How did your life changed after you started working with an agency?

I gain more experience, start to trust myself and others. Also I met many new people and saw new places,  I got almost everything to start from living in villa‘s, amazing food, holidays and end to meetings with the biggest world celebrities. So my life has changed around 360 degrees.
5.What makes you stand out from the crowd of girls?

My ginger hair!:)

6.What is yout biggest inspiration?

My  didactic lectures teacher.

7.Did you have your own happines is?

Im happy person because I have everything that I need : family, love, health, home, food, studies, money,. I‘m happy because around me are my close people and I do what I like, I can go wherever I like so just enjoy my life!
8.What are you doing right now? Inspite of working with PSM?

Studying at Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences.

9.What is your goal at the moment?

To gain more dance theory and practical knowledge.

10.The best advice you have ever heard?

Never  think bad about yourself because other will think. You need to be good opinion about yourself.