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“Pure Star Management” has just finished amazing GOTHA Cannes events cycle in Lithuania, Czech Republic and Slovakia with DJ Emmanuel Diaz – 24 years old GOTHA Cannes resident. He was the one making us party till the dawn from November 30th till 15th of December and now he is sharing with us his career turns and experience in Lithuania.


1. What kind of music as a DJ do you play? What equipment do you use in your performances?

As a DJ I can mix different kind of music, but I am a House music lover! So usually in my DJ set I mostly have House & Progressive music genres songs.

When I mix, all the time I use 3 or 4 CD player cdj2000 at the same time and with an DJM800/900 mixer. This is the best equipment to be more creative during the mix.


2. What do you think what it takes to be a good DJ? Why did you choose to be one?

I think that there is no rule about "how you have to be"... You just have to be yourself, feel the music, people, and share what you can give.

When I was a child, I always dreamt to be a DJ. When I was 14 years old, I started playing guitar and at 20 I started mixing. So I can say that I followed my dream and it came true!


3. How did you start your career in GOTHA Cannes?

GOTHA Cannes club was a big surprise for me, because I was just an ordinary DJ in Cannes, mixing in small clubs or lounge bars. But on 2011 I met Mozart Limelight (then he was an art director of Palais Club, and now – of GOTHA Cannes) who gave me the opportunity to be DJ resident at the club.

And all I can say about GOTHA Cannes club... It is amazing! I met and played with a lot of great artists, DJs, singer such as Swedish House Mafia, Erick Morillo, Solomun, Chuckie, Solveig, Guetta and more. GOTHA Cannes gives me a huge opportunity for the beginning of my career.


4. How did you start working with Pure Star Management?

I met Stefan Zagré (PSM director) during the GOTHA Cannes season in 2011. He heard me playing when I was a DJ Guest in Lithuania. In 2012 we started working closely and since then we have already made a lot of DJ tours in different countries.

I really love Pure Star Management – it is a professional agency that takes care of its artists. I feel very good and welcomed with them and I really trust the agency.

Now I can travel to mix because of PSM, because they manage everything. I am always surrounded with good care, models and dancers. The shows, of course, is much better with them.


5. What do you think about Lithuanian scenes?

Lithuania has some nice places and people who love the music. But maybe sometimes I miss the “craziness” in clubbers – they need to be more relaxed and more outgoing. For example, in Cannes or St. Tropez everyday you can see crazy and full-living people everywhere.


6. What is the best DJ in the world for you?

Erick Morillo – of course! Because he is different and still is in the Worlds’ tops. Maybe not much as a producer, but as a DJ. For me he is amazing – a real music lover. When he mix, he enjoys it at 300%. Erick plays very good house music, and I can always find some unknown amazing tracks in his repertoire.



Thank you, Emmanuel, for an amazing experience, you gave us the nights to remeber!