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Talent Stories > Pure Star Management Top Talent 2012 - Nijolė Tamošiūnaitė!  

Pure Star Management Top Talent 2012 - Nijolė Tamošiūnaitė!






The Pure Star Management Top Talent 2012 awards have just finished. We love all of our talents, but the winner had to be just one. And she is – Nijolė Tamošiūnaitė, who has been working with agency for a long time and has contributed to agency‘s success a lot. All PSM congratulates her and now we introduce Nijolė to you!

1.       How did you start working with PSM?

I have started right after one of agency‘s castings.

2.       What was your first impression of work in agency?

First impression was ambivalent. First time I was asked to be a model in one of PSM events. I have always danced and dreamt about dancer’s career before so I was very impressed by PSM dancers and their talent in that event. From that moment I already knew, what I want to do and what will be my role in the agency:)

3.       What do you do now?

Now I am studying tourism and hotel’s management, dance pedagogic and also work as a presenter at “Betgames” studio. At my free time I am working out at the gym and improving my body:)

4.       Your biggest life achievement yet?

I think my biggest achievement is my ability to be very independent. I know that only I am responsible for myself and my actions.

5.       What is your goal at the moment?

At the moment my biggest aim is to finish my studies.

6.       What relaxes you?

I think the most relaxing thing for me is dancing. Then I forget everything – daily life routine and all the troubles.

7.       Your biggest pluses and minuses.

All of my friends know that I always look at life with a smile and in all situations I try to see some good things. So my first plus would be that I am an optimist. Secondly, I never give up until I know that I have done everything I can. I am very determine and persistent. And thirdly – I am very responsible. If I say I am going to do something, then it means I am:)

My minuses would be: big self-criticism, impulsiveness and peremptoriness.

8.       What are you eating habits? Do you use any special diets?

I have never been on any kind of a diet, because I always look what I eat. Balanced nourishment is important for every person. Also I always workout, because I know that I have to keep my body fit.

9.       Tell us your beauty secret:)

The most important thing is a good mood. When woman smiles, the world always smiles back at her:)

10.   What is your luck recipe?

I think it is my personality:) Everybody can be happy – you just need to put some effort into reaching it. Everything depends on person’s character.

11.   What motivates you the most in life?

I think my main motivation source is me. I know what I want and why I want it. I always motivate myself in all possible ways because I know that no one’s going to do anything for me.

12.   The person you admire the most?


13.   Describe yourself in three words.

Strong, sincere, understanding.

14.   If you could be anyone anywhere now, who would you choose to be?

I would be myself, just somewhere hot:)

15.   The best advice you have ever heard?

Always act with the person in the way, as if you are seeing him for the last time ever. Always do the job in the way, as if it was the last thing you are going to do in your life.


Thank you, Nijolė, and all the best for you! :)