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We have been waiting for this for so long. Too long! Finally, together with spring, casting for CANNES MOVIE FESTIVAL 2014 & summer season 2014 has arrived! As every year, it is going to be absolutely beautiful, shinning luxurious, full of celebrities & red carpet stars. And maybe this year, YOU would like to join “Pure Star Management” crew and get this amazing experience yourself?



When: 14 -24 MAY 2014 / Summer 2014

Where: France

What: Cannes festival 2014 / Cannes & St. Tropez summer season 2014.

How to get there?

Well, all you have to do is attend our castings in Lithuania, present yourself and get selected! It does sound simple, but it is. All you have to be is over 18, have good looks and be taller than 170 cm to be casted as dancer/ 172 cm to be casted for model.

Casting dates and locations:

VILNIUS, kovo 25d., 17val., „The Private Club Vilnius“, A.Vienuolio g.4

MARIJAMPOLĖ, kovo 26d., 13val., kino teatras „Spindulys“, Kauno g.13

ALYTUS, kovo 26d., 17val., kokteilių baras „Elit“, Ugniagesių g.8

KAUNAS, kovo 28d., 17val., „Macao“, Putvinskio g. 51

KLAIPĖDA, kovo 29d., 17val., „Dr. Who cub“, Naujojo sodo g.1

UTENA, balandžio 3d., 13val., „Laisvalaikio klubas“, Aušros g.80

PANEVĖŽYS, balandžio 3d., 17val., „Puntukas“, Respublikos g.2

ŠIAULIAI, balandžio 4d., 15val., „Pegasas“, Vilniaus g.225

TELŠIAI, balandžio 4d., 18val., „Pink Loft“, Kęstučio g.20 - 1

What to bring? Bikini, high heels, smile & charisma! 

Start planning you summer already right now so you would have a really good one together with “Pure Star Management”! If you have any questions,- feel free to contact us on: info@purestarmanagement.com